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Integrated Building and Energy Management Systems

Next Control Systems is a building and energy management company, specialising in the design, engineering, installation and commissioning of award winning integrated solutions for over twenty years.

The foundations of all integrated solutions from Next Control Systems is that they are built on the idea of optimising the performance of the existing investment in building technology, associated plant and services thereby creating sustainable energy and operational cost savings and reducing the carbon footprint for all our customers in Retail, Hotel and Leisure, Healthcare, Education and Government sectors.

Cloud-based Services

Our intelligent Building Optimisation System (iBOS®) is a cloud-based toolset that is capable of managing multiple data sets including environmental, energy and occupant satisfaction.

Technology Agnostic

iBOS® is BeMS and metering technology agnostic and converges building technology data with IT based platforms and visualisations.  iBOS® scales from single buildings to worldwide estates and integrates independent building technologies to form an interoperable system.

Our Building and Energy Management Technology Partners

We are proud to represent or partner with the following companies ;
• Trend
• Siemens
• Easy IO
• 4-noks UK
• REstore
• Klima Therm
• LH Plc

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