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Why Energy Dashboards?

Against the backdrop of increasing energy prices, all organisations need to deliver better services for less cost to compete and, despite the burden of carbon offsets, energy management is an area where cost savings are genuinely achievable and sustainable.

Integration with existing buildings management systems is seamless; Next Controls is a specialist energy management company whose web-based solutions deliver unrivalled ROI, CRC compliance with minimal new CAPEX and no hidden costs.

Real Time Data

Energy Dashboards from Next Controls provide real time data to our customers in a simple to understand, and useable presentation; monitoring buildings, multiple departments and facilities across many different geographical locations but, being web-based, can be skinned to meet exacting client needs and brand guidelines.

Flexible Estate-wide Information

And they are highly flexible – in any one installation, Next Energy Dashboards can be configured to meet the needs of senior decision makers in defining company energy management strategy, staff buy-in or to disseminate the company’s energy management and carbon reduction performance in customer facing situations or environments such as reception areas.

But the real beauty of the Next energy management and control system is that, by using web-based cloud technology, the Energy Dashboards are securely accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world on any device able to support a web-browser.

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