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Single Site or Estate Wide Solutions

Next Control Systems offers a complete range of building management and energy management services that can be implemented as a fully integrated managed solution or selected individually to overlay existing management systems in place for both single and multi-building operators in all industry sectors.

Our ability to acquire data from any building technology means that disparate systems and technology brands can be integrated into a single suite of graphical user interfaces and management information dashboards without the need for ‘black boxes’ or protocol conversion devices.

Sustainable Savings

The breadth of options available within our energy management services offering provide a truly end-to-end solution, encompassing not only the traditional BeMS and metering components, but additionally HVAC plant and other building technologies such as refrigeration and lighting.

Estates, buildings, plant and individual components can all be optimised, profiled and then monitored to ensure that performance standards and efficiencies are maintained.

Accelerating Value with Minimal Investment

Optimising the performance of the existing plant and installed technology produces an immediate reduction in energy costs, often with minimal investment.

Additional funding can be gathered from programs such as Automated Demand Response (ADR) and Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) and we can assist with both the technical implementation and the Measurement & Verification (M&V) requirements of these schemes.

Expert Integrators

Although we represent a number of technology providers, we have highly developed integration skills born from a successful track record of interfacing disparate technologies.  Next Control Systems are able to design and construct building and energy management solutions to achieve very specific client needs according to budget and strategic objectives.

Web-Based for Total Flexibility

Our suite of tools is entirely web-based and accessible from any web-enabled device irrespective of operating platform.  Being web-based, there is minimal operational impact during installation and estate-wide deployment can occur simultaneously. This ensures that our tools are totally future proof, universally deployable through standard Ethernet and/or wireless infrastructure, and eliminates software updates at the machine level.

Our ‘Data Security Policy’ and ‘Business Continuity Plan’ are available on request but essentially all data is stored on mirrored servers located in Portsmouth and Canary Wharf.