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With the amount of data available from BMS and energy monitoring systems, a robust and powerful suite of analytical tools is essential to manipulate the data into meaningful actionable information and to report or display it appropriately according to need.  Often chosen alongside the monitoring solutions, we offer proven web-based energy management analytics solutions to meet every management need with a focus on performance improvement.

Sustained Energy Savings

Individual user activity records, including identification of manual set point changes and overrides, are monitored to maintain expected performance levels and ensure that energy reduction strategies are adhered to.

Condition Based Support

Analytical tools from Next Control Systems facilitate a condition-based support regime, where valuable resources can be focused on poorly performing systems only and thereby reduce operational costs.

Alarm Trend Analysis

Alarm pattern mapping and alarm trend analysis eliminates nuisance alarms and identifies plant performance or user behaviour issues.

Energy Profiling

Plant and building profiling for both environmental conditions and energy consumption are a crucial part of determining the most effective energy management strategy.

Estate Wide Comparison

Continual checking of performance against defined estates standards from site to site, by building, by plant or by vendor.

Impact Analytics

Post occupancy evaluations highlight areas of occupant concern and supports improvement and engagement strategies