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By continually reviewing the performance of the estate, our integrated building and energy management services and solutions help organisations understand how the plant and buildings function under different conditions and ensures that the estate standard represents best practice. 

This is a powerful aid to create an informed capital expenditure program that facilitates sustainable, life cycle focused procurement as well as supporting government backed energy and carbon reduction schemes.

Drives Efficient Investment Strategy

Building and plant performance data informs the technology refresh program to ensure that capital expenditure is focused on the most under-performing equipment.

Whole Life Procurement

Sustainable and whole life procurement is possible through the provision of equipment modelling and vendor, make and model comparisons.

Focuses Resource Deployment

iBOS® outputs ensure the most efficient use of people, process and technology.

Supports Investment Options

iBOS® provides supporting data for performance improvement initiatives such as Soft Landings, automated demand reduction (ADR) and other demand response programs.

Click here to view examples of energy performance management interfaces and dashboards.