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With a track record of managing complex multiple data-sets including environmental, energy and occupant satisfaction, Next Control Systems integrate BeMS data with client-side IT platforms to generate meaningful and actionable visualisations for a variety of stakeholders.

Powerful Interfaces and Energy Dashboards

Our web based graphical user interfaces and dashboards simplify the huge amount of engineering data gathered from the building and provide intuitive interfaces and management information in easy to understand visual formats for every stakeholder.  Energy and performance data can be shared to engage employees, drive behavioural change and publicise energy saving initiatives.

Click here to view examples of web-based GUIs and energy management dashboards.

BeMS and Energy Performance Reporting

In order to sustain the operational and energy savings, we monitor and report on key performance parameters including BeMS control loop performance, operational profile deviation and manual interventions to ensure the estate standards are maintained.  Multiple energy profiles are created for each of the different operating periods of the building, and deviations from the profile and energy thresholds are alarmed and reported upon.

Alarm repetition, time of day of occurrence and alarm level are analysed and reported in order to identify failing plant or areas where additional staff training is required.

Estate Management

Once the operational and energy profiles of the estate are understood, we can benchmark each building based on an agreed normalising metric (ie net floor area, number of pupils, production outputs) and league table them to encourage competition and set estate standards.

Data Export Facility

Raw data and visualisations can be exported for inclusion into corporate compliance and reporting documents.