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With a robust interface and feedback mechanism in place, the ability to remotely interrogate the estate improves response time dramatically and mitigates the financial risks associated with deviation from energy targets or availability charges.

Backed by a 24/7/365 remote telephone and e-mail support for both building performance and energy management systems, the remote fix proposition from Next Control Systems is comprehensive and powerful.

Rapid Response

With direct communications link to monitored plant, any deviation from performance benchmarks are available for immediate review and a remote fix can be implemented where possible or a temporary work around detailed on the basis of informed decision making.

Informed Call-Out

In the event that the problem cannot be permanently fixed remotely, an engineer can be dispatched to site with a clear understanding of the problem and all necessary replacement parts.

Facilities Management Integration

If the issue is related to the mechanical / electrical systems or any operational process, it can be escalated via the interface with the facilities management works order system to fix the equipment or instigate further investigative works.

Mitigate Financial Risks

The immediate identification and remedy of any issue that might impact space ‘availability’ or ‘energy target’ risks is a powerful component in mitigating financial penalties associated with any facilities management strategy or energy performance contract.