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iBOS® (Intelligent Building Optimisation System) from Next Control Systems is a comprehensive suite of powerful cloud-based energy management tools, services and support that harness the data in your organisation to manage your estate energy-efficiently and sustainably.

Extracting data from existing building technologies, iBOS® manipulates it via a range of cloud-based applications to reduce costs by delivering the ultimate in control over energy use and operational efficiency without compromising occupant comfort.

Flexible Configuration

Each of the iBOS® building optimisation components can be used in isolation, selected to fill a resource or knowledge gap or as a complete suite of monitoring, targeting and energy management services.

Multiple Vendor Integration

Integrating diverse systems within existing buildings is vital to deliver sustainable energy efficiency and building performance optimisation.

With the capability of being able to acquire data from any building technology, iBOS® simplifies making sense of big data via a variety of intuitive user displays, energy and management information dashboards.

Blended Support Solutions

Analytical tools provide performance data that facilitate a ‘condition based’ support solution where engineering resource is focused solely on buildings, plant or zones that are performing below expectations.

Global Estate Management

Our suite of management dashboards provide a real time overview of the estate and flags exceptions from the estate standards.  These standards are maintained by deploying automatic resets overnight to any manual intervention and buildings, plant or zones can be reviewed and compared by type, size, occupancy or location. 

A continual review of the estate standards ensures best practice and ensures the most efficient use of people, process and technology within an integrated building optimisation strategy