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The education sector is mandated to deliver an increasingly demanding and costly syllabus year on year to a growing pupil and student base.  On top of which the current economic climate is putting unparalleled pressure on cost of delivery.

Selecting on Sustainability

With the recent changes in financing model with the introduction of tuition fees, students have re-evaluated the factors affecting their choice of university with green issues now topping the league only after course availability. As a result, universities are now highly focused on differentiating factors and green credentials are becoming increasingly important.

Energy efficiency and carbon reduction is an area where cost savings are genuinely achievable and sustainable, as well as providing a marketable differentiating factor from the competition as indicated by independent measurement such as the Green League.

Optimised Space Utilisation

The constant change in space utilisation and occupancy means that operational strategies need to be closely monitored and dynamically altered to avoid energy wastage and poor performing areas.

 The real benefit of the building and energy management proposition from Next Control Systems is that it creates profit improvement by leveraging the savings available from existing plant and services. With minimal new CAPEX required, return on investment is impressive, delivering a very short payback period.