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The current economic climate is putting unparalleled pressure on the healthcare sector to deliver ever increasingly sophisticated and costly treatments year on year to a patient base growing as a result of individual longevity.

Financial Efficiencies from Enhanced Energy Management

As a result of the increased financial scrutiny associated with energy proposals, ‘spend to save’ projects, with proven before and after consumption figures have become the de facto proposition.

We can provide temporary, re-locatable energy logging solutions to provide the baseline, and subsequently prove, the energy reduction via our dashboards and project tracker tool.

Making Sense of Disparate Data Streams

Our ability to acquire data from multiple sources and multiple vendors means that we can maximise the energy efficiency of the facility for the lowest possible costs, especially useful in hospital energy management projects.

Remote Energy Monitoring – Remote Fix

Our remote energy management propositions reduce the need for an engineering manager at each location and we deliver simple to use, intuitive building management tools that replace traditional, complex BMS graphics.

The real benefit of the building and energy management proposition from Next Control Systems is that it creates profit improvement by leveraging the savings available from existing plant and services. With minimal new CAPEX required, return on investment is impressive, delivering a very short payback period.