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In the leisure sector, the need to drive occupancy or footfall, while providing the highest levels of customer service, comfort and facilities is sometimes counter intuitive to maximising operational and energy savings.

Detailed Energy Profiling

By understanding the operational and energy profiles of individual items of plant and the overall facility, we can reduce consumption to the limit at which it impacts the occupants experience.

These energy profiles assist customers to maximise the revenues available from demand response and frequency response initiatives by providing a deep understanding of the environmental and operational impact of the curtailed loads and maximise the time periods that they can be curtailed.

Remote Energy Management – Remote Fix

Our remote energy management propositions reduce the need for an engineering manager at each location and we deliver simple to use, intuitive building management tools that replace traditional, complex BMS graphics.

The real benefit of the building and energy management proposition from Next Control Systems is that it creates profit improvement by leveraging the savings available from existing plant and services. With minimal new CAPEX required, return on investment is impressive, delivering a very short payback period.