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Competition in retailing is relentless, both from traditional high-street competitors and ever increasing e-commerce. The business model of the internet places massive downwards pressure on retail prices and margins in bricks and mortar retail.

Delivering shareholder value is challenging in this competitive battleground against a backdrop of compliance and carbon regulatory frameworks, all of which drive up operating costs.

Deploying intelligent energy management solutions produce sustainable energy cost savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Remote Energy Management for Optimum Performance

Operational management of the store is equally important. Implementing multiple profiles (ie cleaning, pre-trading, trading, post-trading) can have a massive impact on the run hours of the installed systems. Remote management ensures that these profiles are adhered to despite any manual interventions made by the local store staff.

Maintaining the Customer Experience

Modifying the operational strategy at peak load times can reduce costs and unlock potential grid incentives but it is important to understand the impact on the customer experience and the merchandise.

The real benefit of the energy management proposition from Next Control Systems is that it creates profit improvement by leveraging the savings available from existing plant and services. With minimal new CAPEX required, return on investment is impressive, delivering a very short payback period.

Refrigeration Monitoring

We provide real time temperature monitoring and alarming solutions that cover every aspect of the compliance requirements surrounding product processing, cold storage and distribution including electronic record keeping. In addition, wireless door and temperature sensors backed by remote monitoring services offer the ultimate in inventory protection.

Our 365/7/24 remote response centre provides a voice, SMS or e-mail alert to out of profile conditions to mitigate stock losses and ensure FSA compliance.

By monitoring both the environmental conditions and the condition of the product, we can maximise energy reduction strategies and support automated demand response and frequency response initiatives that generate additional revenue