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Most traditional BEMS installations end with system handover to the client. A BEMS is the heart of smart building automation and NCS believe that this is where the real work begins, by offering our clients a range of ongoing technical support and service packages, they are empowered to extract the maximum operational and financial benefits from their original investment in smart building automation.

We provide a ground breaking range of BEMS technical support services enabling our customers to maximise the operational efficiency of their smart buildings, minimise energy costs and maintain control over building maintenance budgets and breakdown costs.

These technical support services include but are not limited to:

Although Trend, Siemens and Tridium accredited we have a wealth of experience with a wide range of smart building technology manufacturers. Our capabilities cover the integration of diverse smart building technologies including fiscal and sub utility metering onto a common platform providing comprehensive energy analysis and simple dashboard displays.

Utilising the wealth of operational data derived remotely from our client's buildings and services, we’re able to identify and formulate truly pro-active approaches to the service and maintenance of smart building technology. Enabling the forecasting of plant failure and outages before they occur with resulting cost savings for our clients.

Real time monitoring and analysis of refrigeration plant and display case availability. Enabling our clients to implement change based on factual information, manage service contractor performance, identify reliability issues with their refrigerated plant and improve trading by maintaining 99.99% levels of availability.

Fully integrated with our 24-7 critical alarm monitoring and pro active maintenance and support services. We are able to offer enhanced escalation, breakdown, troubleshooting and management of smart building related incidents including energy overages. We deliver reduced maintenance and breakdown costs and exceptional first fix times.

24-7 remote alarm monitoring and response service for time and temperature critical inventory and environmental conditions. Minimising inventory losses and building occupancy issues. Continuously and automatically monitoring energy and utilities consumption for subsequent analysis and dashboard reporting.

Reconfiguring and optimising the performance of existing BEMS installations to achieve the most efficient building operating performance with resulting costs savings. Establishing optimal benchmark settings required to sustain savings over the long term. Continuously monitoring, targeting and managing energy consumption.

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