The Case for Implementing Energy Optimisation Measures

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Understanding a Building Management System
March 25, 2019
Tips for Reducing Wasted Energy
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April 15, 2019

Energy optimisation through the use of a Building Energy Management System can have a range of positive impacts on a business. Not only does improving energy efficiency reduce costs, but also makes a business more environmentally-friendly. Many businesses have also found energy optimisation to be a powerful tool for creating the best possible working environment to improve office productivity.

However, whilst the benefits are clear to see, there are a number of barriers preventing some businesses from implementing energy optimisation measures.


For some organisations, the cost of implementation is a major barrier, limiting the opportunities for optimisation projects. Organisations who continue to find great success with BEMS, however, were able to look past this initial investment to see the years of ongoing savings the installation would yield.


Some organisations have expressed concerns about data handling with BEMS. In some situations, there is a significant amount of data available but no way to analyse and visualise what is relevant, and in others, there isn’t sufficient data. Both are problematic when it comes to moving things forward. This all comes down to choosing the right BEMS provider. For example, Next Controls ensure BEMS provide huge amounts of relevant data, equipped with user-friendly dashboards to monitor and manage energy.

Engaging staff

Within an organisaton there are often a number of energy optimisation initiatives in progress, and some of these can stall. It’s therefore important to actively track the initiatives across multiple sites; which initiatives are progressing and which have stalled, and the reasons for this.

Awareness needs to be raised from the top of the business to all staff of the importance of energy saving. Energy consumption should be visible to all, so that it’s not ‘out of sight, out of mind’. Setting goals at team/department/company level can also help to engage staff and maintain momentum to succeed with your energy optimisation goals.

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