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Energy efficiency
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May 13, 2019
Predictive maintenance
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June 10, 2019

Energy efficiency is an important topic for all businesses. Whether it’s improving your bottom line or achieving sustainability targets, energy performance impacts overall business performance. This is particularly true for the retail sector, in which energy efficiency is important for a number of additional reasons. Having worked in the industry for over 25 years, the team at Next Controls have a great deal of experience in the retail sector, and during this time have encountered a number of common problems. One of our most notable success stories within the retail sector is our ongoing work with Waitrose and the John Lewis Partnership.

Their stores and branches are focussed on the overall customer experience but with a strong sustainability thread that incorporates partners’ engagement into the overall Partnership sustainability strategy.

Our installed technologies, stakeholder visualisations and analytics have delivered significant reductions in both operational and energy spend by ;

  • Reducing engineering call outs

  • Mitigating stock loss

  • Reducing trading loss

  • Eliminating abortive call outs

  • Reducing maintenance costs

  • Reducing store energy intensity

  • Minimising reputation risk

The full case study can be found here.


Operating costs

In retail, operating costs are under constant scrutiny, and many organisations are put under pressure to reduce these costs year on year to improve the business’ bottom line. In a retail environment, there are a number of things that can influence operating costs, but one which you can have a great deal of control over is energy usage. As retail estates become larger and more complex, managing energy usage across the entire environment can seem daunting, however, with estate management professionals such as Next Controls, the process becomes much more manageable. Our Energy Surveys and Audits identify short medium and long-term goals, delivering sustainable building efficiency and driving down operating costs.



For many retail organisations, knowing from day-to-day the accurate availability status of their estate wide refrigeration systems is critical. Refrigeration management is a hugely important for retail organisations, as proper refrigeration can have major implications on complying health & safety legislation, and ensuring temperature variation does not compromise the quality of the product that is being refrigerated. In the case of food retail, the consequences of not maintaining the availability of refrigeration display cases and cold rooms above a 99.999% performance level’s can results in significant financial loss due to a reduction in the ability to trade from the shop floor.

A common issue retail organisations face is ensuring that refrigerated services constantly achieve 99.999% availability and uptimes. As this information is mission critical to our clients Next Controls provides an automated method of analysing mechanical service and refrigeration plant availability in real time, presenting the results in the form of simple web-based status display dashboards. Next Control’s Service Availability Reporting provides you with real-time availability status of your refrigerated services. This ensures that refrigerated services are constantly available, and any maintenance is anticipated.

Our clients that have adopted this availability monitoring and reporting service from Next Controls have demonstrated significant operational and revenue savings using the service to pro-actively drive significant improvement in the operation of their mechanical services and refrigeration plant.


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