How Your Business Can Reduce its Carbon Footprint

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Energy Waste in Businesses
August 27, 2019
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October 16, 2019

Understanding how your business can reduce its carbon footprint is essential for meeting environmental goals and commitments.

Having an energy consumption audit carried out, by an experienced BEMS company, is a great place to start. This will help you to identify key areas of energy consumption across your building or estate. With this information, you will be able to strategise a sustainable plan for how your business can reduce its carbon footprint.

A BEMS company can help you to meet your carbon footprint goals and reduce operational costs. This is achieved by integrating design, installing, project managing and commissioning smart building automation and energy management systems.

A few other ways for how your business can reduce its carbon footprint:

Energy Saving

Switch to more environmentally-friendly options. This could include energy-saving electrical and IT equipment, LED lighting and renewable batteries. Turn off appliances when not in use and use power save mode more frequently.

Reduced Travel

Reduce the amount of travel across your business. Switch to video conferencing meetings and remote working. Encourage car share schemes and cycling to work. Switch to hybrid company cars that use less petrol and therefore emit less C02.

Go Digital

Eliminate or greatly reduce the amount of paper usage across your business. This can be achieved by digitizing documents and introducing an online storage and sharing system.

Recycling Scheme

Introduce a recycling scheme by placing bins for paper, glass and metals near printers or in kitchens to encourage staff to recycle their waste throughout the day.

Heating and Air Conditioning

Use ceiling or desk fans instead of air conditioning to reduce energy consumption. Ensure all doors, windows and sources of drafts are adequately insulated. This will minimise the need for heating.

Supply Chain Audit

Carry out a supply chain audit to identify key areas of carbon footprint. By understanding where transport can be minimised, which materials could be more eco-friendly and where waste can be reduced will help to reduce carbon emissions.

Sustainable Materials

Swap synthetic office furniture and fittings across your building to natural and recycled materials. Purchase eco-friendly stationery such as recycled paper, eco-friendly pens and chemical-free inks.

For organisations located in large infrastructures or across complex estates, acquiring data from multiple sources and reporting on this data across one platform is a highly beneficial investment, particularly when managing a long-term plan.

A better way to manage and optimise building efficiency

As well as optimising BEMS plant efficiency you could consider acquiring big building data into one reporting platform. To then use this to inform and strategise long-term building operataions.  Our sister brand, AXON, is a technology-independent platform which provides big building performance data, acquired from multiple sources. Our expertise allows us to understand, support and help reduce energy costs, enhance operating efficiencies, and maintain wellbeing across entire estates.

To find out how Next Controls and our sister company AXON can help your business to reduce its carbon footprint, through efficient BEMS management, contact our experienced team today.

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