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How Next saves you money
December 12, 2017
Building automation revolution
January 15, 2018

The occupancy permit has been issued, and you move into your brand new building. Just a few weeks in, and the maintenance staff is already chasing complaints that spaces are too hot or too cold. They complain that the building’s control system isn’t working right and needs to be straightened out. A month goes by, and the first utility bills arrive, “Yikes, we’re using way more energy than we expected!” Does any of that sound familiar?

Facility management groups are constantly tinkering, trying to get their buildings to operate in an efficient, consistent, and predictable manner. Just when they think they might have things stabilised, the weather changes and they are off again on the quest to get the building under control. Why is it that with all the advanced technology available today that new buildings still have all the efficiency and operational problems that are commonplace?

One thing is unavoidable. The design engineer is responsible for how the building is defined to operate. However, the current process doesn’t give them any control over the outcome, and they receive little or no feedback on how their buildings actually perform, which limits what they can learn from prior projects.

This is where we come in, we are able to closely track your building and make changes within minutes, if there is ever a problem and you believe our judgment is incorrect… for example you would prefer the building to be at a higher temperature than we believe is sufficient, we can make those changes immediately. We have learned over the years what are the best conditions for different buildings… offices and so on, so do try to trust us when we say we’re pretty good at what we do.

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